Free Knitting Patterns: Click on the picture link to see what the pattern looks like, or click on the pattern name to go straight to the insturctions! - Happy Knitting!

  • Adorable Baby Sleeveless Top:  (Beginner) picture
  • Adorable Mommy and Me Beach Ponchos:  (Beginner) picture
  • Basketweave Carriage Cover:  (Beginner) picture
  • Blanket Cap and Booties:  (Beginner) picture
  • Boucle Strip Poncho:  (Beginner) picture
  • Carriage Cover:  (Advanced (crochet)) picture
  • Cindy Gala Shrug:  (Beginner) picture
  • Comfy Kitten Pullover:  (Beginner) picture
  • Dark Horse Boat Neck Pullover:  (Beginner) picture
  • Double Wink Shrug:  (All Levels) picture
  • Eyelash Purse:  (All Levels) picture
  • Eyelash Vest:  (All Levels) picture
  • Field of Flowers Carriage Cover:  (Advanced(crochet)) picture
  • Flag Dance Poncho:  (Beginner) picture
  • Fringed Cap:  (All Levels) picture
  • Granny Square Carriage Cover:  (Intermediate (crochet)) picture
  • Knitted Baby Bolero:  (Beginner) picture
  • Knitted Diagonal Scarf:  (Intermediate) picture
  • Lovely Lash Childs Vest:  (Beginner (Crochet)) picture
  • Midnight Luxury Shawl:  (Beginner) picture
  • Rolled Brim Cloche:  (Intermediate (crochet)) picture
  • Ruffled Shawl:  (Intermediate(crochet)) picture
  • Shell Stitch Bag:  (Intermediate (crochet)) picture
  • Twinkle Hat:  (Beginner(crochet)) picture
  • Twinkle Moss Stitch Cardigan:  (Advanced Beginner) picture
  • Twinkling Iris Sweater Jacket:  (All Levels) picture
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    Dark Horse
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